I hope all of you are having a  fabulous summer in hot and sunny South Florida!. I am excited to step into a new role this year, as President of the Miami Wellesley Club.  My class recently celebrated our 20th (gasp!)  year reunion in June and for me becoming your president it truly  is a wonderful time to engage in this new chapter of my dedication to Wellesley.

My husband and I moved to the Miami area three years ago from Washington DC. One of the first pieces of mail I received was an invitation to the Miami Wellesley Club Flower Sunday Brunch. I have been excited about getting involved ever since attending that event and am looking forward to continuing to learn about the wonderful history of this club, and to providing a space for continued growth and development. Outside of my role on the board, I work at a Technology company as their Regional Counsel for the Americas. In my free time, I love exploring south florida with my two children (particularly boating and outdoors activities) and you'll often find me in a local Soul Cycle or Orange theory class. 

This is an exciting year for the board as we welcome many new members to the Miami area and to our board.  If you are interested in participating in the Miami Wellesley Club, please reach out to me directly - we are always looking for wonderful new ideas and additional Wellesley Women to become lend their wonderful skills, resources, and ideas to our board.

We have a wonderful year ahead of us, filled with a variety of events and ways to engage with the fabulous Wellesley Women of Miami. Our late fall  will be filled with prospective student events, interviews, and college fairs. In addition, we have organized a variety of ways to engage with our alums - from a Syrian Supper Club scheduled in September, to our annual flower sunday brunch, and starting back our book clubs!. We will close out this calendar year with our Annual Holiday Tea and then kick off 2017 with a lot of new and wonderful events! We are continuing to streamline and refine many processes, such as communications to our members and a more systematic and manageable way for everyone to pay their membership dues! As we continue to make changes and adjustments we will keep everyone up to date. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out through the year with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you and to meeting many of you throughout the year. 
All the best!

Sonia Zeledon Class of 1997
Calling on our Wellesley Miami Sisters: Become an Alumna Admissions Representative!
One of the many things that makes Wellesley special is our strong alumnae network. So let's show it off to future potential Wellesley sisters as young women start to interview for Wellesley here in south Florida! That's right - we want YOU to represent Wellesley and become an Alumna Admissions Representative. This might mean interviewing a prospective student or participating at a college fair.   Whether you have a couple of free hours throughout the year or loads of time, your participation in this very important program brings greater diversity of experience to our prospective students. 
  • Register Here: Take 5-10 minutes and register (or re-register if you participated last year). Deadline is coming up -- July 31st!
  • Questions? Reach out to your Co-Chairs: Kelly Feintech (kelly.a.feintech@gmail.com) and Noelle Galperin (305.801.2002)
The Miami Wellesley Club is also looking for volunteers for our Programming Committee. If you are interested, please contact traceybowenbell@gmail.com